Our Products


                 We have been supplying innovative and reliable engineered pumps to a number of key markets worldwide for over the decades. All of Torishima pumps are tailor-made and constantly improved based on customers’ requirements and feedbacks. We never compromise the quality to meet, even beyond our customer expectations.

ADAMS : Butterfly Valves , Check Valve

                  Adams Valves, a leading manufacturer of valves, is committed to delivering superior German quality to cover a complete spectrum of rotary, isolation, control and check valve applications from the simplest to the most advanced to meet your specific needs.

                  Adams invention of the triple eccentric valve, also known as triple offset design, utilizes an inclined conical metal sealing system. This allows us to continuously meet critical requirements with reliable performance in applications as diverse as high temperature, cryogenics, water transmission, hydro-power, hazardous gases, emergency shut-down and nuclear plant safety systems.



 Megaflexon has specially engaged in expansion joint industry and devoted ourselves to research, development and manufacture of high level of expansion joints in quality and reliability. Based on our accumulated technology and experience, all of our staff
has in-depth understanding of each industrial application and has done our utmost to meet customers’ specific needs and requirements.
As a pioneer in expansion joint industry, we never stop exploring
new solutions for expansion joint applications and continuously provide high quality products and on-site service to our customers.

Mueller Co. : Hydrant valve


 Since 1857, the Mueller name has become known for innovative water distribution products of superior quality, many of which have become industry standards.  This leadership position has resulted in our valves or hydrants being specified in the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the United States.  We also provide distribution products for the natural gas industry.  Our products enable utilities to regulate the flow of water and gas as they are transmitted from source to customer.

KORVAL VALVE : Valve, Safety Valve, Control Valve, Regulating Valve

                       KORVAL is a control & safety valve manufacture company established in April 1993, aiming for a international valve provider. It is based on innovative valve technologies, know-hows, and valve specialist with skills and experience origianted from its 25 years worldwide valve supply.The wide range of product model enable KORVAL to propose and supply integrated project packages in various industries such as Shipbuilding, Marine Engine, LNG service, Offshore, Onshore and Nuclear.


NAGANO KEIKI : Pressure Gauge , Pressure Switch

                  Nagano keiki , Pressure Gauges Square Type, Flow Gauge. Receiver Gauges, Absolute Pressure Gauges. Semiconductor Use, Differential Plessure Type Flowmeter For Gas.

OVAL : Flow meter

                High accuracy positive displacement flowmeter for wide range of fluids including water, petroleum, solvent. The mechanical counter allows checking of total flowrates in the field. Output furnished flowmeter is also available optionally.

KRUGER : Ventilation

                Established in Singapore since 1985, Kruger Ventilation is a full subsidiary company of soler & Palau Ventilation Group, Headquarter in Spain. Kruger is a leading supplier of energy efficient ventilation solution for residential and commercial buildings, industrial applications and infrastructures. 

SUNGDO VALVE : Valve, Actuators

                      Sung Do Valve Co., Ltd. is established on July 1st, 1979 in Korea and has been recognized as a pioneer of Butterfly Valve & Actuator manufacturer in domestic and abroad with the accumulated experience and technology on our products. We had developed resilient seat type Butterfly Vlave by the technical cooperation with Milwaukee Valve in U.S.A and High-Performance Butterfly Valve with inter Valve in Holland. So we have supplied our valves to many Industry such as Power Plant, Distric heating Corp., Water Treatment Field, Petrochemical Industries and steel mills in North/South America and Europe.And also developed Pneumatic Actuator with our own technology and we have improved the effciency of Actuator on Butterfly Valve and Ball Valve withthe compact and stable design.

GASTRON : Gas detector

                     Gastron Co. Ltd. has been doing its best only for technology development, while thinking nothing but customers’ safety. That was because of the characteristics of the products directly connected with precious life. After ceaseless efforts, we have acquired various domestic and overseas certifications including SIL2, HART, ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI, UL, etc. as well as 10 cases of patents related to gas detectors, through which we have established ourselves firmly as an enterprise leading domestic gas detector industry by obtaining trust. 

Explosion Proof ATEX Zone 2 Intrinsically Safe : iPhone , SUMSUNG

                        All new from Atexxo Manufacturing, the Apple iPhone XR now suitable for use in hazardous locations. The explosion proof iPhones XR are originally manufactured by Apple than converted and certified according to the ATEX directives by Atexxo Manufacturing B.V. This makes the phones suited for safe use in gas /vapor Zone 2 hazardous locations. ATEX Zone 2 is the European equivalent for US, NEC Class 1 Division 2 equipment. (C1D2) 

                High accuracy positive displacement flowmeter for wide range of fluids including water, petroleum, solvent. The mechanical counter allows checking of total flowrates in the field. Output furnished flowmeter is also available optionally.